Congressional Candidate Vivian Viloria Fisher Repudiates Representative Lee Zeldin's Ugly Embrace of White Supremacy August 17, 2017

The response of the Trump administration to the recent acts of domestic terror perpetrated by the so-called "alt right" has confirmed what we already knew - that this is not a president for all Americans. Religion, national origin, and the color of one's skin mean more to President Trump than one's status as an American, and his remarks could not have been more clear on this point.

Republican and Democratic congressmen and senators across America were quick to condemn the President, but not Mr. Zeldin - he quickly fell into lock-step with Donald Trump. In recent remarks, Mr. Zeldin assumed his role as chief apologist for Donald Trump, specifically making a point of saying that those good Americans who marched to confront racism and Nazism were "just as violent" as the white supremacist groups carrying flags of Nazis and of the so-called Confederacy. Mr. Zeldin then went on to characterize those patriotic Americans who oppose unabashed racism and evil ideologies as an "element of our country that has pledged to resist, oppose and obstruct this President entirely on absolutely everything and anything."

We cannot afford to have a representative who would listen to President Trump's unprecedented embrace of white supremacy and then applaud it, calling those vicious and racist remarks "not wrong." When confronted with the opportunity to denounce racism and white supremacy, Mr. Zeldin abdicated his responsibility, and instead stood behind his president in an amazing display of cowardice.

I want to be crystal clear - the evil of the "alt right" domestic terrorists, which include white nationalists, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and their ilk, is squarely to blame for the violence and murder of a brave young woman in Virginia over the weekend. Speaking out against hate is the ultimate patriotic act, one to be celebrated and not decried. I will not peddle a narrative of moral equivalency between the "alt right" and those who would oppose them, as Mr. Zeldin has done. The people of New York's First District deserve a representative with the moral clarity and courage of her convictions to stand up against this hatred, in contrast to Mr. Zeldin.